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Time may not be on your side, but innovation can be.


Our continuous process of innovation begins and ends with our clients in an ongoing effort to solve the problem of TIME.

From implementation and support, to our automated workflow and strategic pricing model, our goal is to deliver efficiency and predictability.

The result is a letter operation that cleanly fits into your business processes.


Proactive support.  Detailed attention. Responsive follow up. Strategic implementation.  Seamless execution.


Efficient content management. Faster setups. Just-in-time letter changes. Unprecedented flexibility.

Automated Workflow

Faster processing. Faster PDF letter return. Customized reporting. Intelligent and immediate letter sampling. File aggregation. 


Customized mail reporting. Customized data handling. 


The Road-map To A More Effective Letter Library.

From data formats to letter templates, a cohesive strategy provides the road-map that aligns your specific requirements to long-term management goals that include:

  • More organized letter libraries
  • More transparent business rule management
  • Continuous library auditability


Is Pagus a Fit For You?

Maybe. We’re really good at what we do but we’re not for everyone. However, if you’re like most of the clients we serve, then the good news is that you probably are.

The anatomy of the Pagus client.

Our client volumes are smallOur average client mails between 3,000 and 5,000 letters per month. Some of our clients mail as few as 100 letters. Others mail as much as 20,000. ALL GET TREATED AS IF THEY WERE OUR BEST CUSTOMER. Because they are.

Our clients need letter changesSome very frequently. Some hardly ever. But what they all have in common is that when they request a letter change, it happens fast – as in minutes or hours. Not days.

Our clients need attention. Our clients are like family and when they call, it’s not just to say hello – it’s to get a job done. Whether its a small letter edit or a new letter series, these jobs need to get done yesterday. We get that. Most importantly, we make sure our clients get that.

Our clients include collection attorneys and agenciesDemanding. Exacting. Some have extensive letter libraries. Our workflow was built for them. So if your letter library isn’t that extensive or complex, you’ll be just fine.

Some agencies mail all over the country and include a lot of states. If you’re one of them, you understand what that means to manage compliant content in 20 different versions of the same letter. Our workflow was built for this too – built to create these letters fast – built to maintain these letters over time – and built for you to see that they’re correct and compliant every time a letter passes through us.

So are you a fit?


Getting it done.

Solving the most common problems for small volume mailers begins and ends with intimate and efficient customer care — the type of care that focuses on delivering outcomes faster.

The secret behind our client satisfaction is alignment. We work with our clients to see beyond the execution of any single letter service request and align the goals of an entire library to be effortlessly managed over time with unprecedented convenience.

We don’t replace our service with our proprietary document technology. We connect you to it.  Share it with you.  And deliver an effortless and uncomplicated outsourcing experience that will consistently deliver flexibility over time.




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