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Getting It Done Faster. Getting It Done Right.

Every Time

Our continuous process of innovation begins and ends with our clients in an ongoing effort to solve the problem of TIME. From implementation and support, to our automated workflow and strategic pricing model, our goal is to deliver efficiency and predictability. With 20 years of industry involvement and concentration on serving low volume mailers, our focus is, always has been, and always will be to elevate the overall mailing experience. Every resource, from our proprietary software engine to our expert implementation support staff, targets resolutions to every problem small volume mailers commonly share. The result is a dramatic improvement in long-term management of your letters.



We work with you to establish a path that makes your letter operation effortless by focusing on formatting & templating.



Each client is treated with the highest degree of professionalism, focus, and a “let’s get it done” attitude.



Our responsiveness and consistent attention on your objectives will always exceed your expectations.

What We Do.

Solving the most common problems for small volume mailers begins and ends with intimate and efficient customer care. The secret behind our client satisfaction is alignment. We work with our clients to see beyond the execution of any single letter service request and align the goals of an entire library to be effortlessly managed over time with unprecedented convenience and flexibility.


Average Account Implementation Time: 1.6 days

Versus Clients Previous Experience: 5x Faster


Average Support Response Time: 8 Min

Versus Clients Previous Experience: 7x Faster


Average Letter Change Time: 2 hrs

Versus Clients Previous Experience: 2 to 14 days


This number needs no explanation: 99.9999%

Fluid Document Templates


PAWS – PAGUS Automated Workflow Service


Intelligent Letter Sampling – SOOE: Sampling One Of Each


Letter Aggregation & Mailing Services

Our Fluid Letter Templates allow for consistent speed and accuracy of each letter edit. It’s designed to minimize library clutter by sharing letter content, simplify very complex libraries using letter logic, and improve audibility with consistent letter structure.

Our Clients.

We realize that different agencies in different states have specific requirements that we can automate and customize with the click of a button.








Small Volumes

From 100 to 20,000 letters, we have you covered. Our average client mails between 3,000 to 5,000 letters per month. Regardless of how many letters you mail, our promise is to get it done fast and accurate every time.


Letter Changes

Whether you require frequent changes or rarely need to make a change, we have you covered. Our promise is when a change is requested it will happen in minutes or hours, never days.



If it’s a small letter edit or an entire new letter series, we got you. Speed and accuracy are our middle names. Our promise is to be there for you when you need us.

Our Certifications.

At Pagus, we are committed to the highest quality assurance standards as evidenced by our partners certifications and full compliance with essential legislation and regulatory standards.