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Our services are focused on all of the work that is required to make your mailing operation effortless and worry free in the high-speed production world.

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Deciding on the direction we’re going in depends on an assessment of the current state of your letter library and establishing clear goals for managing letters into the future. More extensive letter libraries will require a little more thought then smaller ones. The outcome is a sustainable template design for a single letter or multiple letters.



With a deep understanding of your goals, we harness our collective resources and attention to implement a strategy for the ongoing management of your letters. This includes addressing: 

  • Data Quality Assurance,
  • Template design and layout,
  • Content control, 
  • Letter drops, and
  • Intelligent letter sampling.

Getting to Turn-Key

The end game is the turn-key execution of ongoing letter set ups and letter changes. With the alignment of file formats and letter template functionality, the management of letter changes will remain fast, accurate, and uncomplicated.

Letter Aggregation and Production Mail Flow

Production mail equipment and technology is more advanced than ever. Printers and inserts run at speeds of 25,000 pages per hour while tracking each individual document with complete chain of custody control from file to receipt to mail. Efficiency is gained by feeding this equipment large aggregated production runs assembled from daily accumulated small production files.


Fluid Document Templates


A letter is an assembly of verbiage, graphics, and variables. The Pagus template is a fluid document template designed to promote FAST letter creation and editing. Why do we describe a template as “fluid”?

Letters are not managed as one-off applications here. Although content can vary from letter to letter and evolve over time, they are all connected. And our fluid template offers:


  • Clear visibility into how your letters operate.
  • Comprehensive long-term management of entire letter libraries.
  • Faster implementation of new letters and edits to existing letters.
  • Faster client on-boarding.


The fluid template incorporates letter content that we host in content libraries. This content can be:

  • Driven by business rules for specific letters and groups of letters or
  • Globally shared among letters.

Managing content independent of specific letters:

Enables faster execution of letter changes & ensures a complete and accurate execution of that change.

PAWS™ Automated Workflow Service

PAWS™ is the Pagus Automated Workflow Service. It is an intelligent workflow rail that securely manages file records from receipt to print. Your files is automatically swept and injected into PAWS™ to process your file against the following services and returns reports in minutes.

  • NCOA Link: NCOA (National Change of Address) is maintained by the USPS and represents all permanent change-of-address records filed over the past 48 months. Updated weekly, we use the NCOA processing on your mailings to reduce undeliverable mail.


  • AEC: Short for Address Element Correction, AEC was developed by the USPS to increase the percentage of mail that is properly a
  • ddressed. The computerized address correction process uses computer logic to correct common misspellings and other usage errors.


  • Custom Record Drop: Custom mail Disposition rules can be created to drop records if a condition for mailing is violated. Used most commonly for managing mail delivery to specific states, this process saves money to prevent records to be mailed unnecessarily.


  • Standard File Reporting: PAWS™ generates a standard output report that includes standarized addressing for the records provided, NCOA address moves, undeliverable addresses, and rule specific dropped records.

  • Customized File Reporting: PAWS™ generates a specifically form
  • atted file for import into your ARM software.

  • Automated Content Management: Dynamic changes to letters can be managed by business rules that act on specific criteria within a specific record. This process incorporates the required content into a letter without having to set up a new letter.


    • PDF Letter Delivery: The automated workflow renders each letter and delivers PDF’s of every mailable letter within hours.


Intelligent Letter Sampling 

SOOE: Sampling One Of Each

Letters can have multiple versions depending on your client requirements and the state that the letter mails to. We can set up business rules that produce a sample for each version of a letter that you would alternatively have to hunt for. This will save you time.

Automated. Intelligent sampling is automated an generated at the time the file is processed.

Customizable. Customized business rules will dynamically update your library with the most current version of each unique version of every letter you mail. 

Auditability. Continuous audidablity provides the quality assurance that translates to piece of mind.

Letter Aggregation and Mailing Services

Eliminating minimum volume requirements solves the single greatest cost issue for small volume mailers. Our proprietary aggregation process combines small volumes into large production runs and integrates directly into our partners’ production operation.

It is an “End-to-End Full Integrity MailSolution” utilizing 2D barcodes and high speed cameras to track EACH and EVERY letter as part of a complete chain of custody control process from file receipt to letter production and inserting.


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