From time to time we interview our clients for feedback to help us create the greatest impact with each innovation we launch – and to make sure we stay on track. We’re sharing a few of their answers because sometimes you just have to get out of the way to get the point across.

Elanor – GAT

 Pagus: Now that your letters are in production, what was your overall experience with the implementation?

Client: This was the second attempt to get our letters outsourced. We print our own letters and have been doing it for 15 years. Our first attempt with another vendor 2 years ago left us hopeless after 3 months of development and never going live. We didn’t know what we were doing and they couldn’t help.

Our experience here has been impressive. The best word to describe the process is PERSISTANT.  Without the delays we experienced in the past, we kept focused. It was amazing how fast you guys turned things around and solved problems. Honestly, I felt like I was your only customer.

Scott – Velo Law

Pagus: How did you hear about us?

Client: We were referred by our software vendor who told us that you were the only company that could get us going fast and we would get the attention we needed.  They were spot on.

Elyssa – CCM

Pagus: What part of your experience with us serves your needs the best? What is the worst?

Client: I would have to say making letter changes is the best. I think the longest we’ve ever waited was a day at most.  But when you make a change 5 minutes after you get a request, that is a game changer. The worst was probably our issues with data- but that was on us and then you turned into one of the best experiences. Haha.  From that issue, we adopted a data strategy that makes our experience even better.

Ryan – William Grossman Law

Pagus: What part of your experience with us serves your needs the best? What is the worst?

Client: I’ve been in this industry for 20+ years. My experience with past vendors has been far less than stellar. When I tell you that I need something like yesterday, you know what that means.  I’ve NEVER EVER had that with ANY vendor. YOU MAKE MY JOB EASY! So that is the best.  The worst is when I have to wait for something for more than an hour. Sorry. You’ve completely changed my expectations. LOL.

Eleanor – Gordan Aylworth PLC

Pagus: How were you producing letters before you were a client and why did you consider outsourcing to Pagus?

Client: We were printing in house. We were only printing about 50 letters a day and then our mailing machine went down and we couldn’t get it serviced for 2 days.  We had received a referral a few months back and decided to give you folks a call.  We’ve called other vendors in the past, but our volume was too small. We were blown away that we could be set up and mailing in 2 days. We’ll never look back.

Tom – Lippman Ricuppero

Pagus: What is the most important feature you use? And why?

Client: The SOOE samples. HUGE! With approximately 60+ unique letter variations, it used to be tough to keep track and make sure that all of our language was current.  We’ve been “caught with our pants down” in the past.  Getting that sample of each unique letter with every file makes a big difference. Auditing our letter library to find the most current version of any letter is part of our daily maintenance because its EASY.

Elyssa – CCM

Pagus: What is the most important feature you use? And why?

Client: Not sure if this is a feature, but I would say the mailing reports. Those are important for us and we get them back so fast- within minutes some times.  Our last vendor took up to a day and times even longer.

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